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Real-Time PCR is a technique for amplifying and detecting DNA. The method is used for detecting the presence of specific pathogens in a sample. Real-Time PCR can amplify DNA that exists in very low numbers in a sample, and is therefore a highly sensitive method. Real-Time PCR results can be acquired very rapidly, making it an invaluable method in situations where time is of the essence.


Pathology is the assessment of changes in tissues and organs caused by disease. In histopathology thin sections of tissue samples are examined under the microscope. Our experienced histopathologists can thereby provide information about the extent and age of pathological changes and tissue damage.


Bacteriological examination involves culturing and identifying bacteria from fresh or frozen specimens. Unlike PCR, where one can only detect a specific pathogen using one specific test, a bacteriological examination may detect any bacteria growing under specified conditions in the laboratory.

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