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Laboratory fish

About laboratory fish services

Fish Vet Group is the world’s largest provider of diagnostic technologies to the aquaculture sector. From our state of the art laboratory in Skøyen, Oslo, we also provide diagnostic services for zebrafish, medaka and other laboratory fish species.

  • Health screening: Reliable research on zebrafish and other laboratory fish species requires the use of healthy, disease free populations. We offer packages of histopathology screening to maximize the chance of detecting disease present in your facility.
  • Disease investigation: Aquatic pathogens can spread quickly through zebrafish facilities and early diagnosis is imperative for protecting research and valuable genetic stocks. In addition to our standard reporting time of 6 days (from sample arrival) we offer priority and emergency services with reporting time of 3 days or 24 hours* to enable rapid diagnosis.


Our analyses


We currently provide histopathology for health screening and disease investigation. In addition, we can provide histopathology support for research projects including toxicology and other types of studies and phenotyping, on request. We have a comprehensive list of histochemical stains available, such as Ziehl-Neelsen stain for detection of most Mycobacterium sp. Our pathologists have in-depth experience in fish pathology and some are Diplomates of European College of Veterinary Pathologists. Our histology samples are read digitally, enabling quick consultation with fellow expert pathologists in Fish Vet Group’s other labs on several continents. We can also provide photographs of outstanding quality.

Zebrafish website figure 2

We currently have the following assays validated:
Pseudoloma neurophilia
Mycobacterium multiplex assay (M. marinum, chelonae, hemophilum, pelegrium, abscessus and fortuitum)

Delivery of results

Histology and PCR

  • 5 working days delivery – The report will be delivered 5 working days after we have received your sample.
  • 3 working days delivery (histology only) – The report will be delivered 3 working days after we have received your sample. This service entails a 100% additional cost and should be agreed in advance to ensure relevant personnel is available.
  • 24-hour delivery (Emergency service) – The report will be delivered 24 hours after we have received your sample. This service entails a 300% surcharge and should be agreed in advance to ensure relevant personnel is available.

Order services now

Download and complete an order form below, and send a printed version with the samples. If you have any questions, please call us on 21 62 49 80 or email and we will be able to help.

For normal post, the address is:

Benchmark Norway AS
Fish Vet Group
Postboks 1012
0218 Oslo, Norway

For courier delivery, the address is:

Benchmark Norway AS
Fish Vet Group
Hoffsveien 21-23
0275 Oslo, Norway

When samples and order forms arrive at our laboratory, a confirmation will be sent to you by email.

This is when our automatic tracking of your samples begins. This is part of our quality assurance and contribute to high quality sample handling and traceability during analysis.

How to Take and Send Samples


Sampling guidelines

  • Immediately after euthanasia, gently open skin along ventral side (belly) with a scalpel blade and remove gill operculum on one side to allow fixative to permeate.
  • Put fish directly into formalin. The volume of formalin should not be less than 10x the volume of tissue. Do not freeze. Use one leak-proof container per fish and label containers. Fill in the order form and include in the parcel. Prefilled formalin containers may be ordered from Fish Vet Group Norge by filling out the form you can find here.

Shipping guidelines

If you have an existing agreement with an agreement number or project number, please add it to the relevant field in the form.

Fish Vet Group Norge
Hoffsveien 21-23
0275 OSLO

Fish Vet Group Norge
Postboks 1012
0218 OSLO

Recommended submission method for histology samples:

  • 24 hour delivery – Express – Overnight
  • 3-day delivery – Business Package or faster
  • 5-day delivery – Business Package

Regular mail is also an option.

  • Samples should be shipped as soon as possible after sampling.
  • Samples should be kept cool, but not frozen until shipment. Freezing hampers histopathological examination.
  • Avoid spills on the packaging / requisition form.
  • Please label all samples clearly and unambiguously. The labeling should also be indicated on the requisition form.

All samples should be packed in three layers of packaging:

  • One or more leak-proof primary receptacles (formalin glass). Use airtight container large enough for the tissue pieces to move freely in the fixative.
  • A leak-proof secondary container (especially important for liquid samples)
  • A sufficiently strong outer packaging (padded envelope, stiff cardboard, polystyrene etc.)
  • For liquid samples please include plenty of absorbent material between the primary and secondary packaging
  • See also Post Office regulations for the shipment of biological materials.
  • Please label the package: “BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCE CATEGORY B”
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