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About Us

We are a diagnostic laboratory that offers histology, PCR and bacteriology.

Our rapidly available and reliable results allow fish farmers and their health advisors to respond quickly to disease challenges and make educated management changes.

Our custom-designed laboratory in Oslo was established to our detailed specifications in 2014. It has been designed focusing on quality, efficiency, capacity and minimizing contamination risk. We offer full traceability throughout the process, from sample receipt right through to the customer receiving the results.

Fish Vet Group is global and has operations in Scotland, Ireland, US, Thailand and Chile. Fish Vet Group Global is the world’s largest provider of evidence-based veterinary services, diagnostic technology and environmental monitoring to aquaculture. Employing over 65 veterinarians, diagnosticians, biologists, environmental scientists and technicians.

Fish Vet Group is part of the Benchmark Holdings Group, a pioneering innovation company operating in the aquaculture, agriculture and animal health sectors. Benchmark brings together knowledge of breeding and genetics, vaccines, health products, veterinary science, farming and husbandry to set a new benchmark for sustainable living – starting with food production. Find out more about the Group here

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